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Overnight Stay Plan

  • Support by your Trip! Memories than things! A relaxing and elegant anniversary! Plan(West Building)

    Thanks to "Thank you" that I can not usually speak in a word
    The best plan to convey your feelings!
    Even if it is not a special anniversary, making the best "memories"
    Please use as aid as well.

    Abalone steak, Heavy hair crab appetiteContinue reading
    Room rate
    One adult, From 29,074 yen
  • 【Delicious Seasonal Foods Trip】Support by your Trip! Eat comparison of sea food 4 big galls of the Doto! Many Crab Dishes Plan

    Three major crabs (Taraba, Hairy Godzi, Zwai) caught Off Monbetsu Off Nemuro Off Monbetsu
    Of course, I used the four large ganji including Hanasaki Crab in luxury.
    It is dinner.For the time being, crab crabs are also disgusting to see crabs
    DelContinue reading
    Room rate
    One adult, From 27,685 yen to
  • Doto was passionate about the ingredients of Doto! Shiretoko Chicken·Tofu·Scallop·Shallow, Summer and autumn's Hokkaido food ingredient enjoyment plan

    Including mountain seafood from Tohoku Kaido abundantly
    A plan dinner.

    Restaurant Kina will be prepared at the Restaurant Kina.

    Shiretoko Chicken gratin, Dosanko Hot Pot, Seafood pottery board,
    Welcome to Fuyuki, Sashimi wrapping fContinue reading
    Room rate
    One adult, From 15,000 yen
  • Support by your Trip! Oshaberryze! Healing stay with beauty salon "Women's journey"plan

    Kawayu's Onsen of Kawayu's Onsen is "strongly acidic = strong bactericidal power", it is detox on the skin
    There should be an effect of · · ·.
    Therefore, it is open to the stress of daily life, for women who want to be beautiful
    It appeared onlContinue reading
    Room rate
    One adult, From 16,481 yen