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Job Information

  • Employment status: Regular employee, part time job
    Employment form: full-time, part time (From 3 days a week)
    Contents of work: Front desk staff, Service staff, bell·Bedding clerk, General Secretary
         Because seniors employees will teach with one-on-one, inexperienced people are also welcome
    wage: Regular employee, Monthly salary from 170000 yen to 250000 yen
         part time job, Hourly 850 yen to 1100 yen
    Commuting allowance: Present (However, 500 yen/1 day)
    Working hours: Transformation, 7 to 9 hours between 6:30 and 21:30
    Holidays: 95 days a year
    Retiring age: Uniformly 65 years old (Re-hired until 70 years old)
    A house: There is a single room for single use
    Educational background·Qualification: No question
    Selection method: Document selection and interview

    ※Please do not hesitate to contact us.  TEL 015-483-2411
      (Recruitment, Takada), Email info@kawayu.co.jp