【Official】Kawayu Daiichi Hotel Suikazura(SUIKAZURA)

Kawatane Dai-ichi Hotel Suikazura, Welcome to the official website

The hotel is a well-established inn, founded in 1933 (Showa 8 years).

Since its establishment, we have been using the acid sulfur spring of pH 1.8 which is the blessing of the volcanic activity of Mount Io.

Rebuilt the wooden building with two constructions of Showa 40 and 50 years, then renewed in 2006,
Mainly to repair the lobby, West Wing Room Restaurant Houan, was the name of the Kawayu Daiichi Hotel Suikazura

At that time, you can see two books donated by Dae Peng (Mr. Nagaya Nayatani) in the lobby.

We strive to fulfill all our staff every day so that visitors can provide high quality hot springs and a morning moment.

Hotel Facilities

  • Restaurants, Houan, Houan

    Private room restaurant where you can enter up to 8 people.

    We will produce a space of "sum" where the central pingyard is settled down.

    Please enjoy various flavors with craftsmanship techniques every season.

    ※This is exclusive for guests staying in West Wing.
  • Souvenir Momonoren, "Momonoren (Momonoren)"

    Please use it as a Souvenir shop / souvenir shop.

    We are waiting for your visit with a wide selection of assortment available.
  • Party Room Hatsune Hatsune, Otowa Otowa

    Hatsune containing 24 people and Otowa with 18 people.We have two party rooms.

    We have the latest karaoke machine so please use it for second party etc.

    Please note that reservation is required for use.
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Hotel Name

Kawayu Daiichi Hotel , Suikazura(SUIKAZURA)


1-2-3 Kawayuonsen, Teshikaga Town, Kawakami County

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Memambetsu Airport 50 minutes and 90 minutes respectively from Memambetsu Airport and Kushiro Airport.Route 391 5 minutes and 15 minutes respectively from Route 243 Route 391 and Route 243.


5 minutes from the Route 391 via Mount IoIt is 15 minutes by car from via Sunayu from Route 243.
MAP code, 731803095
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